Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are here, we are here, we are here!

We have been watching a lot of "Horton Hears a Who" at our house lately which, for those of you that have seen it, explains the post title. Those of you that have not seen it will just think I'm very enthusisastic about where we are. ;)

I've missed so many blogging opportunities and they keep piling on top of one another to the point that I get too overwhelmed just trying to think about blogging all I've missed.
So here's what I've decided to do:
I will blog what I can, when I can, about past events but for the meantime, until I get caught up, I'm determined to not fall behind any more. Wish me luck. (We all know how my Top Ten Tuesdays went, which, by the way, are hereby canceled until I feel like it again, in which case they will, most likely, be as irregular as everything else in my life.)

The latest of our family, in a nutshell:
 Gracie is enjoying school (most days) and is learning so much! She goes to dance every week and the rest of the time is imagining up some great game to play or singing at the top of her lungs about all the drama that goes on in a 5 year old's life.
Ezra is huge! 75th percentile for height and 25th for weight although it wasn't too long ago he was 75th across the board. I think one of these days my arm is going to snap off from carrying him. He is all smiles, giggles, wiggles and reaching for EVERYTHING. I'm currently training for the upcoming marathon that is called "Chasing After Ezra Once He Learns  To Crawl" Any donations for new arms and legs will be gratefully accepted. I'm pretty sure I'll blow through mine quicker than I'm ready for.
Gus is working hard and just got a long overdue promotion. We are so proud of him! He's also the organist for our church and he is amazing at it! Especially since he's never played the organ before. I think one of his favorite things about the calling is all the opportunities he has for jokes. If you know Gus you will need no explanation about what I mean. ;)
I'm at home and currently trying to fight the temptation to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, a cozy blanket and a fantastic book or my favorite talk radio program.

We are well here in Alabama and though we are enjoying our time and especially the people here, we are anxious to get back to our home in Denver. We'll see if we can.

Well it turns out I'm not strong enough to resist the temptation of the hot cocoa, warm blanket and Glenn Beck so... I'm giving in.

I will be posting pictures soon.
Wish me luck with my renewed blogging endeavors.


The Petty Family said...

So good to hear from you! We miss you and can't wait to meet your little man. You summed up so perfectly how I've been feeling about blogging and I too am trying to be better. Good luck Laurie! I know I'm going to need it :)

Angie said...

I was just wondering about you. It was good to see Gus a few weeks ago. I'm glad your blogging again. Mostly I want pictures of those cute kids:)

Sarah Burgoyne said...

We want you back in Denver too!!!!

Karen said...

A great post, I'm glad y'all are doing well down there. I need your address so I can send you a Christmas card. Can you e-mail it to me, karen_clintwillis@yahoo.com.

Luv ya!

Jessica M said...

I think y'all should stay here. For sure!

jamie said...

thanks for the fun update. so glad to hear you're doing well. and good for you for giving in to the hot cocoa. i feel like i do that all the time here since it's always cold, rainy and dreary...just right for a hot beverage and a book. no wonder i never get anything done!

Paul and Susan's NY Historic Sites Mission said...

It sounds like life is good. Tell Gus that we are in AWE of his organ playing. That man has talents! Hugs.

jamie said...

i thought of you the other day because i heard the song "breath of heaven." it would be really great to be able to hear you sing it again. happy fall!

mid said...